Top 5 Reasons to Book Your Event
in Greater Des Moines  

Aerial view of the skyline night and downtown Des Moines

Iowa 75% vowels, 100% awesome - Greater Des Moines' award-winning restaurants, attractions, and venues are open with safety guidelines in place. We offer flexible options and hybrid plans so that kids and pets can participate, intended or not! (Remember, the mute button is both your best friend and worst enemy).  

We were social distancing before it was cool - We have plenty of room to socially distance, starting with the state-of-the-art Iowa Events Center, with 40 meeting rooms and 226,000 square feet of total space. That's over five corn fields worth of space! If you really want to lean into stereotypical Iowa, we also have off-site venues like a living farm and the nation's best fairgrounds. (We have plenty of non-swine related venues too).  

Find the middle ground - We're guessing "road trip to Des Moines" wasn't on your bucket list, but then again, neither was "finding enough toilet paper to last for a month," and here we are. So, load up on the slushies, snacks, and gas station pizza and hit the road. There's a 25% chance you're less than a five-hour drive away (even higher if you have access to Doc Brown's DeLorean), and 20+ direct flights for those who aren't. Pro tip: we're not labeled Ohio or Idaho on the map. We're the one in the middle.    

So fresh, so clean - We have over 145 hotels in the region ready to serve you with white-glove service. Literally, everyone is wearing masks and gloves. Along with an attached convention center hotel, a walkable downtown, 4-mile skywalk system, and more hand sanitizer stations than actual people, your group will feel safe, comfortable, and squeaky clean.  

Wisdom comes from experience – In which case, we need to update our resume to include "safely hosted events during a global pandemic." From hosting numerous conventions to the Nike Tournament of Champions Basketball Tournament and the Blue Oval Track and Field Showcase, we've got a leg up on the competition.   

So, come see why NBA Hall of Famer Reggie Miller called us the "best site I've been a part of." We've shown that you don't have to sacrifice fun while prioritizing safety. There's never been a better time to think outside of the box, inside the middle of the heartland.