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what's your jam

We want to hear from you. Here’s why.

To jam-pack the city’s calendar.

What’s Your Jam? is an open call for all of Greater Des Moines. Anybody who belongs to any group, organization, board or association can participate. Just fill out the form up there to share the name of your group. That’s it. If we can uncover the names of new groups, our city can host them here and jam-pack the calendar with unheard-of events.

Because of billions of dollars.

Since 2012, Catch Des Moines — that’s us — has been bringing events to Greater Des Moines: March Madness, the American Cheese Society Annual Conference, etc. etc. What’s the big deal? To put a really big number on it, out-of-towners who attend events generate more than $2.8 billion in travel spending. Right here, every year.

More than a member?

If you’re an event planner, reach out to Trina Flack at