The city of Ankeny...bringing it all together. Here are a few ideas for you to get started on a trip to Ankeny!


AR Workshop

This boutique-style DIY studio is perfect for creating decorative pieces for your home! AR Workshop offers classes for customizable wood signs, frames, canvas pillows, round signs, lazy susans and so much more. Grab a friend and register for a workshop! This is your one-stop-shop for customized home decor!

This wine tasting station strives to serve only the best wine, craft beer, chocolates and gourmet cheeses. WineStyles was created for the consumer to focus on the taste of wine, not of the variety or region. So gather your friends and family for a new twist on the wine tasting experience. 

Flavorful IPAs and a house line-up of dark beers, what more could you want? Firetrucker Brewery is known for its craft brews that are smokey, seasonal, and maintain a clean finish. Want to know something even better? When you visit, if you check-in on the BrewMoines app, you'll receive exclusive deals and discounts!

Prairie Ridge Sports Complex
Need a place to practice or want to watch a pickup game? The Prairie Ridge Sports Complex is home to 15 baseball fields, nine soccer fields, six softball fields and five football fields. With concession stands, play equipment, and walking trails, it's a whole day of outdoor fun!

The District at Prairie Trail 
With retail boutiques, locally-owned businesses, and distinct eateries, the District at Prairie Trail promises entertainment for the whole family. Dine, shop, play, work, and live among many small-businesses and amusement hotspots!

Ankeny Art Center
Bringing people to art and art to people. This art establishment offers many free exhibits, quality classes and events. The art exhibits change every 6-8 weeks, and they're always full of culture! Get inspired at the Ankeny Art Center.