Planner Toolkit

This toolkit will provide an overview of our services, capabilities, and what makes Greater Des Moines the perfect destination for your upcoming meeting or event. Of course, our team is always here to customize, strategize, and answer your questions - just consider this toolkit the starting point for planning your one of a kind event in Greater Des Moines. 

Planners' Guide 

Make planning a meeting in Greater Des Moines easy! Work with us and utilize our free, Catch Des Moines Planners' Guide. This guide is completely digital and interactive, allowing you to watch videos, enlarge maps and so much more! Use this guide to find information on Des Moines hotels, meeting and event facilities, local services and suppliers, transportation, and things to do in Greater Des Moines. Whether you are planning an event for 10 or 100,000 people, we can help bring your ideas to life!

Before You Book

Considering Greater Des Moines for your upcoming event? Our knowledgable team is ready to assist you in finding hotels, facilities, and suppliers that will help make your event a success.

Here are a few resources you might find helpful in your decision process: 


You’ve chosen to host your event in Greater Des Moines and we’re ready to help make it the best event and experience possible for your organization and attendees!  Below you’ll find complimentary services as well as services we can provide for a small charge that will help showcase the city and assist you in the planning process. If you have any questions please reach out to our team, we’d be happy to discuss ways we can help.

Here are a few resources you might find helpful in your planning process: 

We're Here to Help

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