Asian American 

Iowa Asian Alliance’s missing is the unite the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities with the goal of fostering economic growth and broader community development throughout the state. 

Monsoon Asians and Pacific Islanders in Solidarity serves as a resource for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in the Asian and Pacific Islander’s communities in Iowa. 

Embarc, known as the Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy and Resource Center helps both Burma and newly arriving refugees through their RISE AmeriCorps program.  

Bhutanese Community in Iowa’s mission is to protect, promote, and preserve the cultural heritage of the Bhutanese community.  

The Angkor Wat Friendship Association’ goal is to preserve and promote Cambodian culture in Iowa. 

Chinese Association of Iowa serves to create an awareness and advocate on issues to the Chinese American in the state, as well as represent the population and culture. 

The Filipino Organization of Iowa (FAAI)’s primary purpose is to promote awareness, knowledge, understanding, and celebration of the Philippine-US culture and heritage.     

Filipino-American Society of Iowa has a mission to integrate American heritage and culture while preserving, maintaining, and promoting Filipino heritage. 

Hmong Community in Iowa preserves, represents, and integrates Hmong culture into the new society. 

Indo-American Association of Iowa’s mission is to promote, share, and celebrate the heritage and culture of India through programs and education. 

Japan America Society of Iowa (JASI) goals are to promote culture and language, support the Japanese community and population, and nurture and establish relationships.  

Korean American Society of Iowa (KASI) works to protect and advocate for the rights and interests of community members, cultivate relationships, and promote the culture and understating of the Korean and Korean American population. 

Lao-American Association of Iowa promotes the Lao culture and bridges the gap between elders and younger generations through dances, musical instruments, clothing, and religion. 

Iowa Nepalese Association’s mission is to preserve, maintain, and facilitate Nepali identity, heritage, culture, and language.  

Tai Studies Center researches and publishes Tai history and literacy, as well as preserve and promote culture understating, and the welfare of Tai people, and support students in higher education. 

The Thai Association of Iowa is a non-profit organization founded by Thais with support from non-Thai enthusiasts across the state.  

The Vietnamese American Community in Iowa (VACI)’s mission is to preserve and enrich the Vietnamese culture through educational initiatives, promote cross-cultural activities, and foster mutual understanding within Iowa. 

African American   

The Directors Council is a non-profit organization that formed in 2004 comprised of black CEOs and executive directors.  

Black Excellence Iowa has a mission to promote and foster the growth of black leaders, education, and resources in Iowa communities.  

Black Urban Professionals  is a group of African American professionals that welcomes and connects members in Greater Des Moines.  


Latino Center of Iowa serves as a place that promotes culture and develops leadership and connections for the future of the Latino community in Central Iowa. 

Latino Trade Network is a program that is designed for Latino entrepreneurs, working professionals, and business owners to connect, collaborate, and grow.  

Latino Political Network educates and empowers Latino aspiring elected officials across Iowa. 

Latina Leadership Initiative works to build bridges to uplift and empower Latina women by filling the cap in culturally appropriate leaderships programming.  


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