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Des Moines may not be at the top of everyone’s bucket list, but our ‘best of’ bucket is filling up fast! “We can’t believe how cool Des Moines is being right now,” raved Food and Wine magazine. Musician David Byrne called Des Moines “beyond cool.” Color us flattered (but not surprised). 

So in Des Moines, while the S’s may be silent, our city is buzzing. But what is it that makes Des Moines “Des Best?” 

Quite a few things, actually. Below are some of the places and things that make us Des bomb. Here you’ll find both the greatest hits and the deep tracks. Everything rings true because these places were selected by those who know our region best… locals. Enjoy this taste of Des Moines (in some cases, literally), add these places to your bucket list, and check back often because this is the Des Best resource around! 

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