Drinking responsibly has never been easier! We’ve all heard of Dry January, but what about after January, or when a cocktail sounds good, but you don’t want the buzz? Greater Des Moines is overflowing with mocktail options. We’ve rounded up the best places to go to grab a cocktail, hold the alcohol.  

*All of our Des Best lists are crowdsourced and voted by locals.*

The Bartender’s Handshake
The Bartender’s Handshake is already known for serving up handcrafted cocktails. Not feeling up to catching the buzz on your night out? They serve up fashionable and tasty mocktails. The Vacation Email (orange spice tea, grapefruit, lime, cinnamon, tonic, and coconut) will have you feeling like you’re sipping a drink with an umbrella while enjoying the sun. Or try a Karate Kid (carrot, ginger syrup, lime, ginger beer, ancho chili, and mint). Their list goes behind these two drinks, so your options are open! 

When you can’t get away to a beach, Bellhop will transport you there with one of their many tiki drinks, many of which are served in fun glasses with bendy straws. Be worry free and spirit free with one of their beachy mocktails, like a Beachbreeze (pineapple, passionfruit coconut, lime, and cherry) or Sandy Beaches (blue coconut water, lime, Don’s Mix, and cinnamon). We don’t know who Don is, but we like his style. 

Hello, Marjorie
It’s one of the more popular places to snag a cocktail in a dim-lit atmosphere with great Instagrammable décor. Hello, Marjorie has a rotating mocktail menu that includes spirit-free drinks and non-alcoholic liquor. Take the Amaretto Stone Sour (N/A amaretto, N/A rum, orange, lemon, cinnamon, and orgeat) that gives you that same Amaretto Sour taste without the booze. And if you prefer to keep things simple, try a guilt-free gin and tonic in the form of the G&T (Seedlip Spice 94, house tonic, spiced pear, clarified lime, and soda water). 

503 Cocktail Lab
You can get a basic mocktail at a lot of places these days, but if you want something next level, stick to a cocktail bar that knows the science behind making cocktails. That’s what you get with the cocktail experts at 503 Cocktail Lab. All is well with the No Well, No Well (Lyre London Dry, lemon, sage, oolong, tea, and soda). Or if you want a little spritz, the Orange and Lavender Spritz (orange, lavender, lemon, and sparkling) serves up all the Aperol spritz vibes.

Revival House
Choosing a booze free cocktail has its perks, like a cheaper price tag! At Revival House, not only can you enjoy a tiki cocktail, but you can also enjoy paying a smaller bill as well. Try tiki drinks like the Cyclone (O.J., passion puree, lime, demerara, and grenadine) and Blue Hawaiian (pea flower tea, pineapple, coconut, and lime) or if you like the taste of bourbon, try a Double Tea Old Fashioned (double steeped Earl Grey, demerara, orange, and angostoura). No matter your choice, you’ll be sippin’ a delicious mocktail while soaking up the tiki vibes.

In Confidence Cocktail Lounge
A speakeasy that tells you they’re open with the sign of a light? We’re in. Add in that fact that they offer non-alcoholic drinks…we are so there! Sip on a Zero Proof Mint Julep (lyre’s ‘bourbon’, simple, and mint) or a ‘Gin’ & Tonic (lyre’s London dry spirit and fever tree tonic) You’ll be the coolest one in the joint as you savor your drink in the Great Gatsby setting. 

Louie’s Wine Dive
Who knew? A restaurant that offers an extensive wine list is also on a list for mocktails. That’s right, Louie’s Wine Dive caters to all, including us mocktail drinkers. Sip on a Strawberry Bounce (fresh strawberries, lemon juice, sage, simple syrup, and soda water) for a refreshing choice or a Lavee (lavender simple syrup, lemon juice, and lemonade). Just like their wine list, their mocktail list is super extensive with a ton of options.  

What’s a good pairing with brunch? A cocktail! But for those of us wanting to forego the early onset hangover, Americana has some tasty mocktails. Enjoy a Botanical Soda (house-made tonic syrup with citrus and botanical notes topped with soda water) or Honey Dip (ginger beer, lemon juice, lavender honey syrup, hopped grapefruit, and candied ginger and cucumber) while you enjoy your second or third plate of their famous bottomless brunch. Hey, no judgements here! 

Eatery A
We already enjoy Eatery A because of their amazing happy hour (2 – 6 p.m. every day!). We love it even more that we can enjoy one of their virgin cocktails. You’ll find us relaxing and enjoying a Virgin Pimm’s (pomegranate, mint, cucumber, and lemon) or some fresh squeezed lemonade or limeade. Any option pairs well with one of their half price pizzas during happy hour! 

If you want a tasty cocktail paired with a tasty meal, Fresko has alcohol-free takes on some of your favorite drinks. Keep the tequila but hold the alcohol and enjoy a No-Loma (N/A rosemary tequila, lime juice, rosemary simple, and grapefruit juice). You can enjoy your mocktail with same flare as a cocktail when you order an Optical Illusion (raspberry mint simple, lime juice, tonic, and rosemary smoke bubble), complete with a smoke bubble. Fresko means ‘fresh’ and we love all their fresh takes on mocktails.