Catch Des Moines - Buy Now, Visit Later

Buy Now, Visit Later

Hotel bonds are no longer available for purchase. If you purchased a hotel bond and have questions, please contact the hotel. The contact information for the hotels is listed below. Thank you for supporting local! 

  1. Purchase a hotel bond(s) directly from any participating hotel for $100 by clicking on the links below and contacting the hotel.  
  2. After 60 days from purchase, your $100 will mature into $150.  
  3. Apply your $150 to book a stay for yourself or your family in the future. Or gift to visiting friends and relatives to do the same.  



Q: Can I buy multiple hotel bonds? 
A: Yes! For example, you can buy 10 bonds and get $1,500 towards your hotel stays (after 60 days, of course!). Amounts available may differ per hotel. Please check the terms and restrictions with each hotel. 

Q: How long are these offers available? 

A: Hotel bonds will be available for purchase until June 30, 2020. 

Q: When can I use my hotel bond(s)? 
A: You can redeem the bond(s) 60 days after your initial purchase. Please check with your specific hotel for any restrictions or conditions. 

Q: Can I use my bond(s) at a different hotel than I bought it from?

A: No. Your hotel bond(s) is only for use from the hotel you purchased it from.

Q: Can I use my bond(s) to purchase room nights through sites like Expedia, Priceline, Booking, etc.?

A: No. When using your hotel bond(s), you must book your stay directly with the hotel you purchased from.

Q: Will my bond(s) ever expire? 
A: Please check with your specific hotel for any specific terms and conditions, such as restrictions or expiration or blackout dates. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or issues with my bond(s)? 
A: The hotel handles all transactions. Please reach out to the hotel directly.