When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people. The pumpkin patch, trick-or-treating type, and then the scary movie, haunted house type. If you’re looking for ways to be scared in Greater Des Moines, these haunted houses are sure to do the trick (or treat).

Linn’s Supermarket Haunted House
Location: 3805 6th Avenue, Des Moines
Nights of Operation: October 15 – 16, 21 – 24, 27 – 31
Hours of Operation: Fridays/Saturdays: 7 p.m. - Midnight. Other days: 7 – 10 p.m.  
Admission: $20

First opening in 1984, Linn’s Haunted House is one of the oldest haunted houses in Des Moines. They have to be doing something right to make it this long. You start by crawling into a pitch-black tunnel that leads to the basement of horrors. Explore dozens of different haunted scenes, including a “laser hallway” and marshy swamp, all focused on suspense and scares rather than blood and gore. Fun Fact: Linn’s Haunted House also happens to be a locally owned grocery store; you can scream one day and shop another.

Location: 500 Locust Street, Des Moines 
Nights of Operation: October 15 – 17, 21 – 24, 28 – 31
Hours of Operation: Fridays/Saturdays: 7 p.m. - Midnight. Other days: 7 – 10 p.m.  
Admission: Thursdays and Sundays $25; Fridays and Saturdays $30

The Slaughterhouse not only takes pride in scaring the living daylights out of you, but their rich (and creepy) history as well. The Biggs family has a very macabre story behind their haunted attraction (read more here), which makes the experience all that more harrowing. Plus, they are in a brand-new location in the heart of downtown. Entering through an alley? That just adds on to the scares. Watch out for the Biggs family, they're ready for you. 

Sleepy Hollow’s Haunted Scream Park
Location: 4051 Dean Avenue, Des Moines 
Nights of Operation: October 15 – 16, 22 – 24, 28 – 31
Hours of Operation: Fridays/Saturdays: 7 – 11 p.m.; Thursdays/Sundays 7 – 9 p.m.  
Admission: 11 and under $28; 12 and older $30

Sleepy Hollow’s Haunted Scream Park is every haunted house lover’s dream. With six different haunted attractions, you could argue it’s six times as scary as a normal haunted house. You can enter Chaos, Sleepy Hollow’s most intense attraction featuring strobe lights and an execution room. You can also explore The Island of Dr. Demonik, Nightmare’s Funeral Home, Castle of Blood, Terror of Trees, and Freakshow. Need a break from the terror? Head over to Blazing Jack-O-Lanterns to tour hundreds of hand carved pumpkins! From horror movie characters to pop icons, you’re sure to see something spooktacular.

Location: 97 Indiana Avenue, Des Moines 
Nights of Operation: October 15 – 16, 22 – 24 , 28 – 31
Hours of Operation: 7:30 – 11 p.m. 
Admission: General admission $20; Fast Pass $40

Brand new for 2021, ScareDSM is sure to fright. For starters, you’ll find yourself in an abandoned paint factory. The goal? Escape from the dead who have returned to seek their revenge. Since its brand new, you’ll have no idea what’s coming when you step inside.

Ames Haunted Forest
Location: 1400 S Fourth Street, Ames 
Nights of Operation: October 15 – 16, 22 – 23, 29 – 30
Hours of Operation: 7 – 11 p.m.  
Admission: $25

Head a bit north of Des Moines to Ames, and you’ll find a unique outdoor haunted experience at the Haunted Forest. Make your way through the large forest to experience “Vincent’s World,” a boy who stopped a fire at his favorite movie theatre but was burned terribly because of it. Be sure to dress warm, as you will be outside the entire time!

FOAM Carwash Tunnel of Terror
Location: 10950 Meredith Drive, Urbandale 
Nights of Operation: October 22, 23, 29
Hours of Operation: 7 – 10 p.m. 
Admission: $20 

If the idea of having to run through a haunted house terrifies you, take a chance at FOAM Carwash instead. They will be having their Tunnel of Terror haunted carwash. Locked inside your car, you are safe from any scares getting too close to you. Plus, you get a clean car out of it! A portion of proceeds also go to the Food Bank of Iowa, so you’re being charitable while being scared.