Des Moines, IA – The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau (GDMCVB) in collaboration with the City of Des Moines is updating 45 Downtown Des Moines skywalk signs with temporary signs.

“We recognized the need for the skywalk signage to be updated for visitors and locals trying to navigate the skywalk,” said Chris Coleman, GDMCVB Chairman of the Board. “A budget surplus due to an increase in visitors gave our Board the opportunity to invest in this project. While it is a temporary fix, getting us by until the City replaces the existing signage throughout the skywalk system, we felt it was the right thing to do in order to enhance the downtown visitor experience.”

“It’s not uncommon for visitors to stop into our office in Capital Square and ask for directions to Iowa Event Center’s Wells Fargo Arena, Hy-Vee Hall or the Civic Center, for example,” said Greg Edwards, GDMCVB President and CEO. “We offer visitors skywalk maps to help them get from point A to point B, but at times it can be difficult for those unfamiliar with our downtown to get where they’re going. Some of the current skywalk signage is out-of-date and directs individuals to businesses that are no longer open.”

A local printing company will begin replacing the old signs this week. While visitors and locals may not notice a visible difference in the look of the new, temporary signs, the verbiage has been updated on many of the signs to better direct sky-walkers to key downtown businesses, such as hotels, meeting places, restaurants and attractions.

The following locations are examples of where new signs will be installed:

-Near the Convention Complex by 5th and Grand
-South of the Iowa Event Center on the skywalk that runs along 4th 

The City of Des Moines is working on plans to implement a completely updated skywalk signage system by mid-2012.