Greater Des Moines is open!

Greater Des Moines is open and ready to welcome you safely and responsibly. Here is information on venues, attractions, things to do and other services.

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Places to get a Drink in Des Moines

Cheers to local beers and home-grown wine. Quench your thirst in Greater Des Moines with flagship IPA's and smooth red blends. Catch a caffeine buzz with drip coffee in a small hipster cafe or tea shop in the Historic East Village. Then enjoy a beer flight on the bike trail or a classic cocktail on a rooftop patio. Whether it's a morning fix or a happy hour special, sip and savor the flavor of Greater Des Moines.


Hear from locals about where to eat, drink, and spend your time while visiting Greater Des Moines. Catch an insider look at events, suggested itineraries, places to shop, and a few of the many delicious restaurants. These are just a few of our recommendations! Check out an entire list of blogs here.