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Plan your next meeting in Greater Des Moines, the capital city of Iowa that more than 600,000 people call home. Our team at Catch Des Moines can assist you in finding Des Moines meeting facilitiessports facilities, and more. Choose from 13,000+ hotel rooms. Ask us about Des Moines suggested itineraries or how our marketing team can support your convention or event. Flip through a copy of our Catch Des Moines Planner’s Guide or contact an all-star sales manager for a personalized experience. Find Des Moines eventsDes Moines hotels, and local suppliers. Experience the affordable restaurants and attractions in Greater Des Moines while enjoying the accessibility and safety of the city. We’re here to help you and your attendees catch all Greater Des Moines has to offer!

Hotel Infographic

Vicki Comegys, CSEE

Vice President of Community Engagement

Trina Flack, CMP

Vice President of Sales

Chris Baker

Director of Destination Services

Margie Marble

National Sales Manager (Association, Hobby, DSA)

Amber Smith

National Sales Manager (Health & Medical, Association, Religious)

Kelly Smith

National Sales Manager (National Association, Religious)

Katie Stien, CMP

National Sales Manager (Agriculture, Natural Resources, Motorcoach)

Ryan Vogt, CSEE

National Sports Manager

Bailee Arnburg

Housing Coordinator

Maggie Davis

Destination Services Coordinator

Jayne Durnin, CMP

Housing & Event Coordinator

Mary Ann Moore

Sales Coordinator

Laura Smidt

Sports Event Coordinator

Colette Atwood

Office Logistics Clerk

Jan Meyers

Airport Volunteer Coordinator