As a celebrated arts destination in the Midwest, Greater Des Moines is chock full of public art just waiting to be discovered. From commissioned pieces by world-famous artists to tucked-away surprises by local creators, tour the town using this list or download the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation app to guide you and give you a more in-depth look at the art origins and their creators. 

Des Moines

Westward by Edwin Howland Blashfield 

Welcome to the East Village

  • Location: North-facing corner of East Grand Avenue and East Sixth Street.

Wall Drawing 1238, Whirls and Twirls by Sol Lewitt 

  • Location: John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center, 1200 Grand Avenue

Untitled Mural by Chris Vance 

Sarah and Leland with Bees by Frank Hansen 

  • Location: Northeast corner of Des Moines Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in the East Village

Rainy Day in Des Moines by Doug Shelton 

  • Location: Skywalk level, Equitable Building, 604 Locust Street

Pearl Clutcher/Snatcher by Jordan J. Weber 

  • Location: West wall of the WorkSpace Inc. building, 309 Locust Street

No Action Too Small by Chris Vance 

  • Location: 200 E Locust Street

Expansion by Jun Kaneko 

  • Location: Between the Des Moines River and Water Street, south of Court Avenue

Garden of Blessings

  • Location: South-facing wall of 412 E Fifth Street

Cosmic Waltz by Jack Heintz 

  • Location: East wall of 208 Court Ave

Construction by Ivan Chermayeff 

Cheers from Des Moines by Ben Schuh 

Clean by Ben Fowlkes and Pep Rally Inc

  • Location: Wash N’ Dry Laundry, 901 E. University Avenue

Better Together by Ben Schuh

The Puzzle of Life by Barri J. Lester 

  • Location: West wall of the downtown PACE Juvenile Center, on High Street between 8th and 9th Streets 

The Birth Place of Des Moines by Hilde Debruyne 

  • Location: Martin Luther King Boulevard near Principal Park

Solitary Journey: Morning, Noon, Dusk, Night by Astrid Preston 

  • Location: Skywalk level, 801 Grand Avenue  

Shine by Robert Whicker 

2017 Des Moines Art Festival Mural by Chris Vance

  • Location: East side of the Ford and Garland Auto Radio building

Ancient Minds of Modern Scribes by Asphate & Leter91 

  • Location: East wall of 208 Court Ave

A Social History of Des Moines by Harry Donald Jones 

  • Location: Hall of Laureates

4th and Walnut Looking West CA 1906 by Doug Shelton 

  • Location: Lobby of 400 Walnut Street

Untitled Wall #1 by Jennifer Leatherby 

  • Location: East wall of 208 Court Ave

My Heart Belongs to Des Moines by Jenna Brownlee

  • Location: West side of the Parker at Seventh building


More In Store by Kelsey Lampe

Shopping by Laura Palmer


The District by Asphate and Leter91

  • Location: New American Brewing Company, 1631 SW Main St #105 


Timeless Beaverdale Centennial Mural by Ben Schuh

  • Location: North wall of Uptempo Music, 2714 Beaver Avenue



Nostalgic Clive by Dan Hatala

  • Location: Swanson Memorial Park, next to the Clive Historical Museum, 8614 Swanson Boulevard

Trail and Woods Behind My Neighborhood by Maria Cervantes

  • Location: Lions Park, 15880 Wildwood Drive

Untitled Mural by Chris Vance

  •  Location: Intersection of US-6 (Hickman Road) and 86th Street 

West Des Moines 

I don’t know where I’m going... by Kelsey Lampe 

  • Location: West Glen Town Center between Shot Gun Betty’s and Worn 

Figure 51 by Brett Budzinski 

  • Location: West Glen Town Center between Hurts Donuts and WineStyles 


Be inspired by the graffiti walls along the alley just south of the former Des Moines Social Club. The enjoyably bright colors and unique designs are sure to spark up your creative side.