The Iowa State Fair boasts as one of the best summer fairs in the country. With amusement rides, shows from headlining artists, expo space, livestock, and more, people come from all over to enjoy a day at the fair. But what's the most popular attraction at the Iowa State Fair? Most would say that the Iowa State Fair's most famous commodity is the food. Try practically anything fried and on a stick from one of many vendors around the fairgrounds. Check out our curated list of must-try Iowa State Fair foods! 

Foot-Long Corn Dog

When we say a foot, we mean a foot. There's cut corners when it comes to this corn dog. This foot-long corndog puts a "longer" spin on this classic summer fair-time snack.  

Turkey Leg

The classic "big-as-your-head" turkey leg is a fan-favorite at the fair. This tender meat is perfect for sharing, right off the bone!   

Fried Candy Bars

When we say everything fried, we mean everything. If you're craving chocolate, ask for fried Snickers or Twix. Looking for a fluffier snack? Let us fry up a Twinkie or Oreo. Your favorite snacks melt in your mouth when perfectly battered and fried golden.

Hot Beef Sundae

Roasted beef tips and gravy poured over mounds of mashed potatoes and topped with cheese and a cherry tomato, what more could you want?  

Bucket of Cookies

What's better than a cookie? A bucket of them! Grab a bucket of warm homemade chocolate chip cookies that stay fresh in a souvenir bucket.   

Cookies & Cream Wonder Bar

New to the fair as of 2019, the Cookies & Cream Wonder Bar is excellent for those who love this famous ice cream flavor. This bar includes hand-cut cookies and cream ice cream on a stick, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in Oreo pieces.   

Pork Chop on a Stick

You've had a pork chop, but we can bet you've never had it on a stick. That's where the Iowa State Fair comes in! This perfectly cooked meat becomes mobile when you order it on a stick, perfect for sharing or just a lil' something for yourself.  

Bauder's Ice Cream Bar

Since 1986, Bauder's has been serving up sweet cold treats to summer fairgoers. For a fair-exclusive treat, order their "Bauder Peppermint Bar," 2 inches of ice cream topped with hot fudge and cut into sandwiches.   

27-Degree Beer

A cold drink that's made customers' teeth tingle, check out Steer N' Stein's 27-degree beer. In chilled cans that are colder than ice, this brew will hit the spot in the mid-afternoon summer heat.   

Chocolate Brownie Waffle Stick

Missed breakfast? No worries! With a ton of food options, the fair can cover every meal. Treat yourself to a rich brownie waffle on a stick and a homemade brownie smashed and cooked into waffle form and on a stick, perfect for taking on the go!   

Have any fair food favorites that we didn't mention? Let us know!