There are very few universal truths in the world. We all want to love and feel loved. Dogs dressed in costumes are always cute. Dinosaurs are awesome.

While we may not be able to help you find love, we can point you in the way of some awesome dinosaurs, courtesy of a new traveling exhibit at the Science Center of Iowa. SUE: The T. rex Experience will be around until January 10, 2021. Here is what you can expect to see at this dino-mite exhibit. Catch it before it goes extinct!

SUE Who? 

SUE is the largest, most complete, and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found. SUE lived 67 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period and was discovered in August of 1990 in South Dakota, meaning that T. rexes may have even roamed Iowa!

You probably know SUE best from their permanent residence at the Field Museum in Chicago, or perhaps from SUE’s visit to Des Moines in 2013. Or maybe you just love Pseudo Sue beer. For those who have seen SUE before, the entire exhibit has been updated, as has the skeleton.

What’s New with SUE 

SUE isn’t just a skeleton, this exhibit is an immersive experience. Not only is the skeleton more accurate than ever, the exhibit also includes a fleshed-out version of SUE, a skeleton Triceratops (for what it’s worth, we think the Triceratops is the most underrated dinosaur) and SUE’s prey, the duck-billed Edmontosaurus.

When we mentioned that the exhibit is immersive, we weren’t kidding. You can hear SUE’s roar and touch casts of the bone. Sure, that’s cool, but you can also smell SUE’s breath. Not a typo. Possibly the weirdest thing you never knew you needed in your life, but here we are.

All of this is complemented by large-scale multimedia experiences that transport you back in time to the cretaceous forest alongside SUE. Every 20 minutes, you can watch a show projected onto the skeleton highlighting significant findings of T. rex.

When Can I View SUE? 

You can purchase advance tickets for Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and other select dates through January 10. The Science Center of Iowa’s reopening plan is rooted in science, and they continue to follow enhanced safety procedures to limit the spread of germs, including timed ticketing, face covering requirements, and increased cleaning.

Reserve your tickets to see SUE: The T. rex Experience and all of the other great exhibits at the Science Center of Iowa at