UPDATE: To adapt to the times, the Brew Moines app has updated the coupon offers for participating breweries to focus on take-home options. View the full details here. 

When the Brew Moines beer passport app launched last year, most people rightfully thought they'd reached beer nirvana. Well, like they say, you can never have too much of a good thing. So for Year 2, we've added more breweries. More deals. More events. And more fun. Here's what's on tap for the new version:

  • Check-ins to all the breweries have been reset. So for new users, welcome aboard. For old friends, you can now check in to all of your favorite breweries all over again. 
  • A more robust events calendar, keeping you up to date on the latest beer happenings in Greater Des Moines. 
  • Tap lists for select breweries embedded within their pages. 
  • More savings, with breweries now allowed to select their own individual deals. 
  • More content coming soon! 
  • More Brewcations. Check into all the breweries and be entered to win a quarterly Brewcation, including tickets, hotel stays, behind-the-scenes tours and more! 


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Head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for Brew Moines. Once downloaded, create an account as prompted by the app. You’ll then be able to access all app features, starting with the ‘How-to Guide,’ ‘Become a Brew Moines-ian’ and ‘Beer Events.’ The how-to guide will be your go-to tool for navigating and using the app.

Brew Moines App Store download screenBrew Moines App home



With location services turned on, click the ‘Locations’ tab at the bottom of your screen. This will open a list of all participating breweries based on distance from your location. On this screen, you’ll also be able to see your current level, total check-ins and how far away you are from completing the passport.

Brew Moines Phone Image 3Brew Moines app individual location

Clicking on a brewery on this page will bring you to that brewery’s main page, featuring brewery details, social handles and information about their current coupon offering. You’ll also be able to add the location to “My List” (a great spot to save breweries and events you don’t want to miss), get directions and, of course, check in. Once you click ‘check-in,’ you’ll need to click the ‘gps check-in’ button and then ask your server or bartender for the password. Please do note – your server or bartender needs to see you check in to be eligible for the coupon offer! Once checked in, take advantage of the coupon and celebrate being one digital stamp closer to Brew Moines-ian status.

Brew Moines App gpsBrew Moines app my list


After you check-in to all participating breweries or taprooms, a survey will pop up - once you complete the survey you become a Brew Moines-ian and are entered in to win a Brewcation for two!

Brew Moines laughing group shot 


While the main focus is on earning stamps, the Brew Moines beer passport app is loaded with additional features to make your beer-ventures even easier.

The ‘Notifications’ tab saves all push notifications, whether from Catch Des Moines or participating breweries. The ‘More’ tab will show you the best places to eat, places to stay and transportation options that Greater Des Moines has to offer.

Brew Moines app push notificationsBrew Moines app more screen

Back on the ‘Home’ tab, the ‘Beer Events’ section is your new go-to spot for finding beer events in Greater Des Moines. Click on any event for details and the option to save the event to your list.

Don’t forget about the ‘My List’ tab, which will create a personalized list of beer-related places and events you want to check out.

Go ahead – download the Brew Moines beer passport app and start exploring! Of course, please collect your digital stamps responsibly and, as always, share your beer-ventures with us using #CATCHdsm and #BrewMoines.


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