Catch Des Moines brings visitors to Greater Des Moines. With that comes the responsibility to make everyone feel welcome, no matter their nationality, race, religion, gender, ability, or sexual orientation. These visitors not only support jobs and our quality of life, but some will also become our neighbors, co-workers, coaches, teachers, and civic leaders.  

We want all visitors to see our region as the progressive and inclusive place that we strive for it to be. We also want our region’s minority-owned businesses, retailers, and attractions – the lifeblood of our communities and neighborhoods – to feel supported and valued. We understand that diversity is what inspires learning, advances innovation, is a catalyst for creativity, and makes life that much more exciting and fun. After all, we’re in the travel industry, and why do people travel if not to experience new and diverse things? 

We must continuously adjust to the changing world and seek to understand and learn from those around us. Talking is easy. Doing takes some work.  

So, what can we do as an organization to stand with and support our community and those who visit us too? We will: 

  • Continue to make a concerted effort to bring in conventions and events serving people of color (POC), religious conventions, human rights organizations and other diverse groups. We will work with those within those communities to ensure that everyone coming to our region feels welcome, safe, and valued.  
  • Support our POC and minority-owned businesses and organizations by elevating them through marketing and sharing their stories.  
  • Continue to be a resource for POC-owned businesses and event organizers to help them make the right connections to ensure their success.  
  • Bring POC and other leaders of diverse communities to the table and LISTEN.  

These concepts can and should be applied to all underrepresented groups. There are no easy answers, but we know that it all starts with listening and then putting in the work.  

We are listening, and we’re ready to get to work.  

Des Moines. The S’s Are Silent. Our Voices Cannot Be.