The Des Moines Area Sports Commission (DMASC), under the umbrella of The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau (GDMCVB), has won the Bureau Innovation Award at the Upper Midwest Convention and Visitor Bureau’s Fall Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

In memory of the late Bruce Riley McDaniel, the prestigious McDaniel Awards honor tourism industry professionals that achieve and exemplify greatness. The DMASC was recognized as an innovative organization with a budget of over $75,000.

The DMASC is under the direction of GDMCVB President and CEO Greg Edwards. The DMASC sports department is under the direction of Vice President of Sports and Development Al Lorenzen.

“We’re honored to be recognized with the Bureau Innovation Award and proud to continue to promote Greater Des Moines as a premiere destination for sporting events,” said Edwards. “We look forward to future successes in Greater Des Moines with the DMASC in place.”

The DMASC was formed in 1991, originally called the Greater Des Moines Sports Authority, changed names and became part of the GDMCVB in 2008. The purpose of DMASC is to meet the needs of larger-scale events coming into Greater Des Moines. DMASC supports and assists events such as the AAU Junior Olympic Games, the largest amateur sporting event in the country, with the planning, promotion and operation from start to finish.

The DMASC took the lead on creating TEAM Iowa, a corporation of sports commissions and conventions and visitors bureaus across the state dedicated to promoting common good and social welfare of Iowa. It also strives to attract amateur sporting events through the state, thereby promoting tourism to Iowa as well. Their specific stated purpose is to promote Iowa as a premier destination for amateur sports activities.

The overall impact of the DMASC extends beyond boosting dollars flowing into Greater Des Moines. DMASC has also worked to develop a team of volunteers and community support for major sporting events such as the NCAA Division I Track and Field National Championship, the North American Fast Pitch World Series, US Taekwondo National Qualifier and the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball 1st and 2nd Rounds.

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