Greater Des Moines is open!

Greater Des Moines is open and ready to welcome you safely and responsibly. Here is information on venues, attractions, things to do and other services.

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Greater Des Moines Weather

Experience all four seasons in Greater Des Moines. Breezy springs, balmy summers, crisp falls, and brisk winters - we love being a four-season city! With over 800 miles of recreational trails to get you where you need to go during the warmer months and a climate-controlled skywalk system to continue the exploration during the cooler months, the fun never stops! Make sure to check out our activities made for every season: 

Fun For Every Season


Climate Data:

Month Average High Average Low
January 31° 14°
February 36° 18.5°
March 49° 29.3°
April 62.2° 40.7°
May 72.3° 51.8°
June 81.6° 71.7°
July 85.7° 66.5°
August 83.8° 64.5°
September 76.1° 54.8°
October 63.1° 42.6°
November 47.9° 30.1°
December 34° 17.6°

(Source: The Weather Channel)