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Dreaming of travel? Looking for things to do? Need an easy and affordable family trip? You're in the right place. From arts & culturefood & drinkthings to do, and seasonal events, along with all of “Des Best” that Des Moines has to offer, we've got you covered. So stop reading and start watching.

The S's are Silent

In Des Moines, the S’s may be silent, but our city is buzzing. Whether it's our Instagram-worthy attractions, bold art, or sizzling food scene, there's something for everyone in Greater Des Moines. 

Our City is Booming commercial 

Greater Des Moines is more than its features. It’s a feeling.

The S's are Silent Commercial

Des Moines. The S's are silent. Our city is buzzing.

Food & Drink

From food on a stick to James Beard-nominated chefs, we put the “farm” in farm-to-table. Usually with a side of ranch. 

Arts & Culture

Believe it or not, our art extends beyond the Iowa State Fair butter cow. We have plenty of non-dairy art too.  

Things to Do

We've got trails, tunes and crab rangoons. And about a million other things that don't rhyme quite as well. 


Whether you like your weather paired with shorts and sunscreen or sweaters and cider, Greater Des Moines has you covered. No matter how many layers it takes.



Our idea of outdoor adventure is more than just tipping cows and dodging deer. When it comes to the outdoors, Greater Des Moines makes a splash.



A City With No Limits

We’re hyped up about Greater Des Moines and you will be too. Goosebumps guaranteed.


Believe the Hype

Here in Greater Des Moines, we’re the unexpected sports mecca that feels like home. We are the big ballers. The little kickers. The underdogs. And the bulldogs. When you come here, you’ll believe. Because in Des Moines, only the S’s are silent.

Des Best

Looking for some authentically Des Moines experiences? We've curated some of the “Des Best” ones right here. Take a look and be inspired. 

Downtown Farmers' Market

Food, music, murals, over 300 vendors, and lots of dogs. It's one of the best-rated Farmers' Markets in America for a reason.

Pappajohn Sculpture Park

4.4 acres of awe-inspiring art and selfie opportunities. 

High Trestle Trail

25 miles of exploration, anchored by an illuminated bridge, and never far from a bite or brew. 

Crab Rangoon Pizza 

Asian-inspired pizza in a tiki bar setting. The best of both worlds. 

Steak de Burgo

We call it Steak de Burgo. You'll call it life-changing. 


The self-proclaimed Greatest Store in the Universe. Who are we to disagree?

Iowa State Capitol

100 rooms of awe-inspiring history and camera-ready beauty.

Iowa State Fair

70 foods on a stick, 500 exhibitors and a million other reasons to check out the number one state fair in the country.

Smash Park

You’ll have a smashing good time at Iowa’s largest outdoor patio, with food, games, and endless fun.

Science Center

Engage all of the senses at Iowa's best science museum. That's not opinion, it's science!

Lauridsen Skatepark

Life can be a grind. But in Des Moines, we stick the landing.


Warning: May cause you to move your watch ahead to 5 o'clock. 


Breaded pork tenderloins are a big deal. Literally.

Winter Wonderland

Even a grinch would love winter in Greater Des Moines.

The Catch List 

A list of all the things you can’t miss. All the thrills, chills, hops, and drops.