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Perry is a go to destination if you’re looking for a getaway weekend in the wilderness! Sportsman Park has 40 acres of oak and hickory timber overlooking the North Raccoon River. In this area you can fish, hike, picnic and rent a cabin. You have the ability to rent the cabins year-round and you also can rent a 120-seat lodge for this huge family getaways. Perry also is a hub for bikers looking to hit the trails. Trails in Perry very from just under five miles to trails over 50. Whether you’re looking to get in a long workout or just check out the sites, Perry has the trail for you. The historic Hotel Pattee invites guests to relax in a setting that celebrates the sights, sounds and memories of small-town America. The hotel is a tribute to the millions of people who came from all around the world to build the state. Hotel Pattee is one of the few hotels where every room and suite tells its own story. Come aboard Harvey’s at Hotel Pattee for a dining experience that will be a memorable occasion. The Inter-Urban Lounge is named after the electric train that traveled back and forth between Perry and Des Moines throughout the early part of the 20th Century. Serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert this restaurant will help you with any hunger needs all while taking in the beautiful decor. 



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