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Des Moines

Being the capital city of Iowa, Des Moines has a lot to offer any guest. Downtown Des Moines has some of the best dining in the midwest. With restaurants featured on television including Fongs, Zombie Burger + Drink Lab and Jethro’s BBQ, you’ll be able to concur any hungry stomach. One of the hidden gems in the Des Moines area is High Life Lounge. Welcome to the 1960s at this old-fashioned styled corner tap. The champagne of bars knows nostalgia and retro like no one else. It is the home of classic tap beers, tangermeisters, burger baskets, bacon wrapped tater tots, broasted chicken and many other comfort foods at their finest. Des Moines is also a hub for many different cultural festivals. Festivals include Celebrasian, Latino American Heritage Festival, Pridefest, Italian American Festival, St Patrick’s Irish Celebration and others! Des Moines also offers music festivals that will please anyone’s ears. 80/35 brings in artists of all genres to the stage. Artists ranging from Ke$ha, MGMT and The Maytag’s, all performing on one of the three main stages over the weekend. They even offer free stages with local artists. The Winter Blues Fest is another music festival in Des Moines tailored to Jazz and Blues. The Central Iowa Blues Society brings over 20 acts to the festival all in two nights, making for a one-of-a-kind jazz experience. Things to do in Des Moines are endless. From kid friendly activities to free activities, you won’t go bored while spending some time in Des Moines. One of the can’t miss free attractions in Des Moines is the John & Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park. At the 30-piece Sculpture Park you can explore and interact with most of the sculptures as you please. Schedule a tour on their website or use the self-guided audio tour to learn the ins and outs of the Sculpture Park. Court Avenue is a must stop for anyone looking to change up their night life. With patio, arcade and even stock market bars, Court Avenue offers a bar for anyone’s taste. Historic East Village is another staple of Des Moines, offering unique boutiques, dining experiences and attractions for individuals of all ages.

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