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Hear why local chefs set up shop in Greater Des Moines. Find out how a zombie-themed burger joint came to life and then became a staple of the city. Learn from those who made the food scene in Greater Des Moines delicious. Whether you are looking for a James Beard Nominee or someone who can make the juiciest burger you ever devoured, you can catch an eclectic mix of culinary creators in Greater Des Moines.

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Local Chef, George Fomaro


James Beard Nominated Chefs

Joe Tripp Alba – 2016 – nominated for Best Chef: Midwest

Sean Wilson – Proof – 2015, 2014, 2013 – semi-finalist for Best Chef: Midwest

Nic GonwaEatery A – 2015 – Rising Star of the Year

George Formaro – 2013, 2014 – Best Restauranteur – 2014, 2013, 2012 – Best Chef: Midwest; 2014 Best New Restaurant Django, National Cateogry

Phil Shires – Café di Scala (Now Aposto) – 2014 Best Chef: Midwest

David Baruthio – Baru 66 – 2011 Best New Restaurant Semi Finalist

Tony Lemmo – Café di Scala (Now Aposto) – Best Chef: Midwest 2014

Enosh Kelley – Bistro Montage – best chef

Steve Logsdon – Lucca – 2011 – Best Chef: Midwest

Joe Logsdon – La Mie Bakery – outstanding pastry chef

Jason SimonAlba – 2011 – Best Chef: Midwest 

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