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In Greater Des Moines, we love a good a food challenge. Whether it’s at a local restaurant or at an annual festival. Try the Adam Emmenecker challenge at Jethro’s – patrons get fifteen minutes to eat a sandwich that includes a pork tenderloin, fried cheese cubes, buffalo chicken tenders, brisket, bacon, a cheese burger and oh yea…a pound of waffle fries too. Even Adam Richmond from Man vs. Food failed. Challenge yourself and your stomach in Greater Des Moines. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

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3 Places In Des Moines Where Food Will Kick Your A**

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Didn’t coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights say something like, “clear eyes, empty bellies, can’t lose!” I think that’s how it went.

We’ve all heard this saying: “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow!”

When, really, that probably is never going to happen but when a challenge is thrown at us to eat a lot of something we are so up for it. Who knew that there could be so much pride for having a picture up on a wall, most likely looking miserable. It’s just something that we love doing.

Well, prep your eyes, and your bellies because here are 3 places to take on a food challenge in Des Moines, Iowa.

#1 Jethro’s BBQ – The Adam Emmenecker Challenge

This might be one of the more talked about food challenges that can be found in central Iowa. Heck, it’s known around the world! This challenge is massive and fast. You only have 15 minutes to eat Drake’s 2008 Missouri Valley Conference MVP’s favorite foods: Spicy pickle, bun, pork tenderloin, buffalo chicken tenders, white cheddar sauce, fried cheese cubes, Texas brisket, apple-wood smoked bacon, and a cheese burger. Oh, and you can’t forget a POUND of fries. 5 pound sandwich plus 1 pound of fries is a lot of food in 15 minutes. Did you know that someone has completed this challenge, TWICE? Molly Schuyler has done it in 7 minutes and 8 seconds, and her second time was 50 seconds faster!  Check out some of their photos here.

Find Jethro’s BBQ in Waukee, Johnston, Ankeny, Altoona, and Drake.

Adam Emmeneker Challenge Jethros BBQ

Emmenecker Challenge via

#2 B&B Deli – Kill-OSSAL Sandwich

If you’re feeling hungry. Why don’t you snack on this. Not even an alligator can fit its whole mouth around this sucker. We’re talking about 4 cheeseburgers, a pile of veggies, a bunch of deli meat, and a tenderloin to hold the load. The goal is to finish this killossal sandwich in under 20 minutes.

Kill-ossal B&B Deli Des Moines

Find them: 2001 SE 6th Street in Des Moines, IA

#3 Papa’s Pizzeria – The Lake Monster

Lake Monster Papa's Pizzeria

The Lake Monster towers over other food challenges in Central Iowa: the base is a whole small thin crust meatza pizza and stacked with a fried pork tenderloin, ¾ pound bacon cheeseburger, 4 chicken strips, mac and cheese sauce, lettuce, homemade top bun and surrounded by 12 oz of onion rings.

Challengers have 30 minutes to complete this gargantuan meal, weighing in at over three pounds of food, in order to win a free shirt.

Find them: 214 W Van Dorn St. Polk City, Iowa

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