Greater Des Moines Food & Drink Events

Whether you’re a foodie, wine-o or a craft beer lover, there’s a festival for that in Greater Des Moines. We take our food and drink seriously around here. So serious, that we dedicated an entire week to wine. That’s followed by a week of celebrating beer. Then we mix in several weekends for cultural and local food events (and let’s not forget the day in February dedicated to bacon). Mark your calendars for our next culinary celebration. Find the events you’ve been craving in Greater Des Moines.

Des Moines Spotlight
Downtown Farmers Market

Each Saturday Des Moines welcomes 300 entrepreneurs from across the state including farmers, producers, bakers and artists.

It's time for my taste buds and wallet to embark on a culinary vacation. An entire ten days dedicated to three course meals at a steal.
Drake Diner

Looking for a true taste of Des Moines? Experience iconic dishes that have stood the test of time.

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