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Motorcoach Providers

Arrow Stage Lines
1620 E Washington Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50316
Phone: (402) 731-1900
Contact: Jolene Webb at
CIT Signature Transportation
5242 NE 16th Street | Des Moines, IA 50313
Phone: (515) 233-0286
Contact: Kim Grzywacz at
Hawkeye Stages
300 E 17th Street South | Newton, IA 50208
Phone: (641) 792-3232
Contact: Rick Brannen at

Trans Iowa Charters
1550 E Army Post Road | Des Moines, IA 50320
Phone: (515) 244-4919
Contact: Randy Sackett at
Windstar Lines
1805 NE 58th Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50313
Phone: (515) 262-2544
Contact: Jeff Greteman at

Guide Services

Looking for recommendations for the services below? Contact Katie Stien for assistance.  

  • Itinerary planning
  • Step-on-guide services
  • Interpreters
  • Sleeping room quotes
  • Attraction & restaurant reservations
  • Group recommendations

Katie Stien, CMP

National Sales Manager (Agriculture, Natural Resources, Science and Engineering, Motorcoach)