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Women's History Luncheon

  • Tea Room, The
  • Address: 713 Walnut Street, Des Moines, IA 50309
  • March 20, 2018
  • From: 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM
  • Phone: (515) 244-4901
  • Price: $40

The YWRC's Women's History Luncheon brings together influential female leaders from our community for a luncheon and panel discussion exploring opportunities to pursue intersectional feminism within the current women's movement.
Intersectional feminism is the understanding of how women's overlapping identities - including race, class, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation - impact the way they experience oppression and discrimination.
We are excited to present an esteemed panel of community leaders for this important and crucial conversation. Panelists will share their personal experiences and emphasize 'next steps' community members can take to play an effective and inclusive role in the women's movement.

Panel Moderator: Rekha Basu

Panelists:  Laura Belin, Renee Hardman, Mary Kramer, Kesho Scott

Submit Questions:
Guests have the opportunity to submit questions to our panelists ahead of the event. The 40th planning committee will select questions based on frequency of topic theme and to provide variety for the discussion. Guests' names may not be read with each question.

Three ways to submit a question for the panel:
1. In 'Step 2: Enter Ticket Details' of the ticket purchasing process, type your questions on the gray 'Special Requests' line underneath the contact information, before advancing to step 3.
2. Submit your question via email, with 'Women's History Luncheon panel question' in the subject line to ywrc@ywrc.org.
3. Write your question on a slip of paper provided and collected during the event.

Space is limited. Secure your seat(s) by purchasing ticket(s) today at the link provided - www.bidpal.net/ywrcluncheon

This event is part of the YWRC's 40th Anniversary Event Series. Learn more about the series at www.ywrc.org/40th.

Women's History Luncheon