Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line w/Parmalee

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    Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line! 

    Tyler Hubbard cruised into country music a decade ago as the lead singer of multi-platinum selling duo Florida Georgia Line. The pair had hits including "Cruise," "H.O.L.Y." and "Meant To Be." While there's still plenty of fun and lighthearted music on Tyler's debut project, there's also a depth that comes with growing up. Tyler was a 24-year-old when FGL took off. Now he's a married father of three. "I do hope that the FGL fans will hear this and know I'm still there for them," Tyler says. "I'm thankful for the last 10 years to be known as one half of FGL," Tyler says. "There's a lot more layers to who I am. As a duo partner, you are respectful of one another's stories and stick to common ground. I wanted to make music that let the fans into my life and who I am on a little bit deeper level." However, he's never made a project bearing solely his name- telling his story- until now.