Trivia Tuesdays at the Jamie Hurd Amphitheater

  • Overview

    Are you ready to show off your vast amounts of knowledge on Animals, Food, and Books? Join us at the Jamie Hurd Amphitheater for one, two, or all three evenings of Trivia Tuesdays!

    Each event is free and a prize for the top-scoring team will be awarded each evening. Although the questions will be geared toward adults, these events will be family-friendly, and children can participate or come along to join the fun. Team (1 to 8 people) pre-registration is required at
    July 12: Animals
    i. It's a Dog's Life
    ii. Curiosity About Cats
    iii. Reptiles
    July 19: Food
    i. Fast Food Nation
    ii. Fruits & Vegetables
    iii. Brands You Know & Love
    August 9: Books
    i. Famous Novels
    ii. Folklore & Legends
    iii. Bestselling Books
    August 16: Kids Trivia