The Real Ambassadors - Livestream

  • Overview

    The Real Ambassadors is a jazz musical developed by Dave and Iola Brubeck, in collaboration with Louis Armstrong and his band. It addresses the Civil Rights Movement, the music business, America’s place in the world during the Cold War, the nature of God, and a number of other themes. Songs from the musical were recorded by Columbia Records and a soundtrack album was released in 1962, just before the show’s premiere at the 1962 Monterey Jazz Festival.

    The Brubecks and Armstrong were part of a campaign by the State Department to spread American culture and music around the world during the Cold War. Fittingly, The Real Ambassadors was about the important role that musicians play as unofficial ambassadors for their countries.

    For this special performance at the Louis Armstrong House,  the album will be performed in its entirety by a talented septet including

    Jake Goldbas – Artistic Director/Drums
    Alphonso Horne – Trumpet/Voice
    Camille Thurman – Saxophone/Voice
    Vuyo Sotashe – Voice
    Shenel Marie Johns – Voice
    Chris Pattishall – Piano
    Endea Owens – Bass