The CSI Connection-What's Hollywood and What's Real?

  • Overview

    Instructor: Photographer Steve O'Brien
    The CSI Connection - What’s Hollywood and What’s Real? How real CSI skills can be used in everyday photography. $40.00 (teen-adult)

    Steve will talk about his extensive career as a forensic photography. He will show examples of how he used practical camera settings in his everyday work and how you can apply the same technical skills to your every day macro photography and light painting.
    This class will allow the attendee to explore the numerous ways to utilize their camera controls and capture images in the close-up realm. Through class discussion and hands-on exercises, the various applications of depth-of-field laws will be covered and utilized. Appropriate equipment requirements will also be covered throughout the course.
    Steve will also touch on Light Painting. This allows the photographer to explore the unseen realm of long exposure photography utilizing auxiliary lighting tools and available light. Photographers will experience the possibilities of creating images that are impossible with conventional lighting techniques. The class will also cover the camera adjustments and equipment required to capture these images.

    Bring a flashlight or LED light to paint with. Steve will have a few lights to share too.

    Wear DARK clothes preferably black, dark shoes (no reflectors) and if you have light colored hair bring a black hat or black hoodie.

    DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras are suggested for this class. If you have a macro lens even better!

    We highly suggest you sign up Going Off Auto (how to use manual functions on you camera) before signing up for this class. Offered 9/26/2022.