Sample The Meyvn Group's Spring 2018 Tasting Menu

  • 80, 45th St | Des Moines, IA 50312
  • Presented By: The Meyvn Group
  • Dates: 3/20/2018, 3/21/2018
  • Location: Jay Spence Shelter House
  • Phone: (515) 505-4188
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Price: Investment 1 session - $175 / participant, 2 sessions - $275 / participant, All 4 sessions - $600 / participant, Group rates available for sending five or more participants.
  • Overview

    Sample The Meyvn Group's Spring 2018 Tasting Menu.

    We will have FOUR great features for you to try over two days.

    March 20

    10-noon: The Impact of Burnout

    Burnout is considered the occupational hazard of the 21st century. Yet many organizations still consider it an individual problem. The research however is very clear -- burnout is a workplace issue that actually impacts an entire organization.

    Burnout’s effects can be seen in an organization’s attendance rates, attrition ratios, customer service scores and employee engagement metrics. It impacts an organizations ability to attract and keep talent. And it has a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line. In this sessions participants will come to understand: impact of burnout on an organization, what organizations can do to become burnout resistant, how leadership effects burnout, and steps that everyone can take to reduce burnout

    1-3p: Appreciation @ Work

    A little appreciation makes a world of difference – especially at work. Yet corporate recognition programs often fall flat and in some cases become the butt of jokes and a breeding ground for cynicism.

    So what do we need to do differently? In this 2 hour program participants will learn how to: express genuine appreciation, identify recognition blind spots, overcome organization obstacles, and significantly improve recognition ROI.

    March 21

    10-noon: The Significance of Customer Service

    Customer Service is not just for customer-facing employees. How we serve our customers – both internal and external – has a big impact on an organization’s culture. If we want our employees to be effective, efficient and enjoy coming to work – everyone needs to understand that they are part of a service chain. And when there is a break in the chain we damage relationships, impede organizational trust and hinder our ability to serve our external customers.

    During this session participants will: identify who we serve, define minimum customer service expectations, as well as learn and practice several customer service models.

    1-3p: Having Difficult Conversations

    Having difficult conversations with co-workers, direct reports, and customers are critical to business success, though they are often avoided. This session will give participants a communication model to help establish confidence and credibility during challenging discussions, as well as a road map to guide the conversation.

    Throughout this session, participants will learn and practice a professional, direct communication model, identify common mistakes that are made in having conversations, and determine the cost of not having difficult conversations.

    Who should attend any/all these sessions?

    Executives, Business Owners, Leaders and HR professionals.


    1 session - $175 / participant

    2 sessions - $275 / participant

    All 4 sessions - $600 / participant

    * Group rates available for sending five or more participants. *

    Contact Meredith Jinks to reserve space. 515-505-4188 or