Regional Italian Dinners

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    Join Centro for a spring dinner series from Executive Chef Derek Eidson inspired by Italy’s unexpected Triveneto region.

    Bordered by Austria and Slovenia, Italy’s Triveneto is a region heavily tied to Germanic and Slavic traditions. While Italian is the official language, it is not uncommon to hear German, Slovene as well as regional dialects spoken by residents. Naturally, this influence is evident in the area’s distinctive cuisine and wine-making heritage.

    Events include six small courses and reception wine. Dinner begins at 6:30pm. A selection of cocktails and regional Italian wines will be available for purchase.

    Menu - Friuli 
    FIRST: Frico / Fried cheese and potato pancake 
    SECOND: Jota / Bean and sauerkraut soup 
    THIRD: Cjalsons / Sweet and savory filled ravioli with cinnamon and smoked ricotta 
    FOURTH: Coniglio in salmi / Stewed rabbit with polenta 
    FIFTH: Contorni / Rapa dolce (sweet turnips, poppy seeds) 
    SIXTH: Presniz / Walnut and raisin strudel

    Full series:
    March 24: Regional Italian Dinner - Friuli
    April 14: Regional Italian Dinner - Alto Adige
    May 19: Regional Italian Dinner - Veneto