Radnor & Lee

  • Overview

    Josh Radnor & Ben Lee making music together.

    “Josh Radnor will always be remembered as Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother, especially because his newest project sounds like something Ted Mosby would produce, then be mercilessly mocked for by the rest of the gang.

    Radnor has teamed up with singer-songwriter Ben Lee to create the indie-folk duo Radnor & Lee. Listen to their second single, “Doorstep,” and picture Ted strumming outside of Robin’s window, crooning, “I was a lonely man with an empty hand and I wanted to fill it with treasure.”

    Lee and Radnor have been friends for about a decade and promised to write a song together, which led to an entire album. Anyway, their debut song on Soundcloud, “Be Like The Being,” sure as hell sounds like something that would play over a montage at the end of an HIMYM episode where Marshall and Lily look at each other with tears in their eyes, then run into each other’s arms.”

    —The Muse, August 2017