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Protection Planning 10: 2017 AMM Conference


Protection Planning 101

Facilitated by Steve Layne, Layne Consultants and International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection

Offsite Location: State Historical Museum of Iowa (5 blocks from Embassy Suites)

From the leading source in the protection of cultural properties and their assets, this workshop will introduce participants to protection planning basics, including:

Formulating policies and procedures
Practical steps toward safe operations, reduced exposure to liability, and protecting valuable collections
Sound methods of screening and hiring the best staff
How to select and obtain necessary electronic systems
Where to get training on the “best practices”
How to involve staff in an effective protection program
Participants will learn how to put together a protection plan that takes advantage of cost-effective strategies, current technology, low-cost or NO-cost training, and a myriad of other available resources. Attendees will understand how to garner reasonable protection, regardless of the size of the institution or budget.

Includes copy of "Safeguarding Cultural Properties: Security for Museums, Libraries, Parks, and Zoos” by Stevan P. Layne, CPP, CIPM, CIPI – A complete guide for the protection of our cultural heritage

Register here: https://associationofmidwestmuseums.wufoo.com/forms/m1qw8o710mtkioy/

Protection Planning 10: 2017 AMM Conference