Oatmeal Cookie Stout Release

  • Overview

    Release on Friday, December 13th!

    We might have debuted our Oatmeal Cookie Stout at our 6th anniversary, but anytime is the right time for a cookie so we’ve whipped up another batch! Hundreds of pounds of oats went into the mash kettle alongside a variety of chocolate and caramel malts to generate that sweet backbone you expect from any cookie worth its crumbles. Speaking of sweet, this time we teamed up with One Sweet Kitchen here in Des Moines and added dozens of their delicious oatmeal cookies directly to the mash! Of course a good cookie isn’t just about feeling its oats, so we liberally dosed the batch with vanilla and cinnamon to give it that freshly baked appeal. Grab a pint and a four pack, one sip will have you feeling like one smart cookie. Cheers!