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Monthly Luncheon - Carson King Foundation

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    Rescheduled from April 9!

    Join us for our April monthly luncheon! Our monthly luncheon series focuses on providing our members with an opportunity to network with others and educate themselves on various topics applicable to the betterment of their organizations! Leap to Spring with Carson King! learn about how one day changed his mindset and his life forever.

    Carson King Foundation
    The Fall of 2019 ignited a passion for fundraising and philanthropy within Carson. It also granted him a platform to tell people's stories. This sparked the creation of the Carson King Foundation, a nonprofit geared toward helping children and families in times of need and uniting communities to make a difference. The foundation helps Iowa communities set up fundraisers for community members in need and supports a variety of causes including, but not limited to:
    Hospital foundations
    Food banks
    Shelter homes
    Local nonprofits
    Charity groups
    About Carson King
    "September 14 was a day that changed my life. It was also the day that has allowed me to change the lives of thousands of others thanks to the generosity of many donors." - Carson King

    What started out as a funny sign asking for beer money turned into a life changing event for Carson King, 24, of Altoona, Iowa. During ESPN College Game Day coverage of the Iowa State University football game, Carson's sign (pictured) soon caught national attention. After the first few hundred dollars worth of contributions came through, Carson decided to donate the total amount to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital after setting aside $18.00 to purchase one case of Busch Light. Quickly word spread of Carson's intentions and the story went viral, gaining the attention of Anheuser Busch and Venmo who committed to matching King's donation. Contributions continued to pour in, eventually climbing to over $3 Million from more than 35,000 donors.