Limited Space/Art Week Opening Ceremony

  • Overview

    Art Show + Dance Party with 80+ Artists , 2 DJs and one Shared Experience!
    No Cover Charge, One Night Only!
    For this 3rd edition of Limited Space we are partnering with Art Week Des Moines. Art Week is an annual, citywide celebration of local art. From June 21st - 28th, play mini golf, find art and meet artists. Visit for complete schedule.
    Come to see the best artists Des Moines has to offer and then dance the night away with Lyndrum and DJ Rock Paper Scissors.
    In a society that prioritizes the virtual, the real, art can point us in the right direction. But, how does an artist make a first impression? How will they evoke a strong experience through a static image?
    It’s a daunting responsibility for even the most talented among us. To balance message with form, while driving the sentiment home to the viewer, borders on sorcery. To do it in less than 25 square feet is a master craft. And that’s precisely what we have called our artists to do. We have summoned the most talented eye poets in the city and given them each 25 square feet to share an experience with you.