Last Action Gyro

  • Overview

    A wild and hilarious one-of-a-kind show, Last Action Gyro performs an improvised movie live on stage with a live band providing the musical score. No scripts, no cameras, no plans. What we do have is a group of the most talented improvisers in the Midwest creating a totally original and unparalleled comedy experience. Last Action Gyro takes you on a comedy journey with them into a brand new, never-before-seen movie. Any movie genre is a possibility; Western, Sci-Fi, Action, Crime, Fantasy, Horror. You see it created on-the-spot in a fast-paced, fun show – always loaded with laughs.

    Starring Tricia Arvanis, Travis Cherniss, Will Frazier, Mari Moroz, Andrew Rasmussen, Sam Fathallah, and Maria Gnoza.  With musical guest LVVMAKING