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Exhibit Label Makeovers: 2017 AMM Conference


Exhibition Label Makeovers

Facilitated by Donna Braden, Curator/Experience Developer, The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation

Offsite Location: State Historical Museum of Iowa (5 blocks from Embassy Suites)

Writing exhibition labels involves more than content expertise. It also requires knowing institutional and exhibition goals, understanding what engages visitors, and being able to express complex ideas through clear and concise writing. In this half-day workshop, attendees will learn about best practices within the museum field, useful writing strategies from outside the field, and a step-by-step methodology for label-writing that’s applicable to all types of museums. Throughout the workshop, they will get hands-on practice through guided activities of critiquing, writing, and revising labels.

Register for the workshop here: https://associationofmidwestmuseums.wufoo.com/forms/m1qw8o710mtkioy/

Exhibit Label Makeovers: 2017 AMM Conference