Douglas Morgan Reception

  • Overview

    An exploration of fractal geometry, form, and substance. This departure from traditional fractal filigree will include soft volumetric forms and frenzied fireworks popping into existence from the fractal ether. The familiar and the wildly unfamiliar will be a part of the journey.

    FRACTAL ART is the deliberate manipulation of fractal equations or algorithms to create artistic designs with fractal character. The fractal math is too complex to carry out by hand, so fractal software is employed which carries out the step-by-step manipulation of design by feedback loops (iterations) run millions of times per second by a computer for extended periods. The final artistic image is created by software interfaces that permit the artist to more easily use the fractal math in “real time” as a sort of mathematical paint and brush.

    Fractal art, however, is NOT the same as routine or typical digital art, which is often true digital painting or photo manipulation. Interestingly, digital painting programs rely increasingly upon fractal algorithms to help create more “realistic” graphic images.