Comedy XPeriment's Thanksgiving Feast of Funny

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    You've stuffed yourself, loosened your belt buckle, and knocked over people for that sweet deal on that TV you've been eyeing. What better way to celebrate this All-American holiday than Comedy Xperiment's Feast of Funny? How does one participate in such a time-honored tradition? Well, I'll tell you!

    Join Des Moines' longest running improvisational comedy troupe as they carve out the perfect skits with a heaping helping of hilarity with shows November 29th and 30th in the Stoner Theatre at the Des Moines Civic Center! Friday will feature short form, Who's Line is it Anyway-esque skits in a competitive head-to-head format. Saturday will begin with short form and end with an improvised one-act play!

    Everything is unrehearsed, unscripted, and destined for comedic brilliance! It's like my Uncle Chester used to say, "It doesn't matter if your defense means large guy in spanks and helmet, a lady in yoga pants hunched over discounted designer wares, or simply sticking your finger in that last piece of pie so no one else eats it. Nothing brings people together like a good ol' feast of funny!"