Comedy XPeriment's Luck of the Improv Show

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    Are you tired of chasing down that illusive leprechaun for his gold? Does hunting for a four-leaf clover leave you sneezing? Do you wonder how lucky a rabbit's foot can be since the rabbit ended up dead? Well, my fortune-seeking friend we at Comedy Xperiment have found a short-cut to the end of the rainbow and we call it the Luck of the Improv!

    Join Des Moines' longest running improvisational comedy troupe as you giggle your way to good luck at their shows March 6th and 7th in the Stoner Theatre at the Des Moines Civic Center! Friday will feature short form, Who's Line is it Anyway-esque skits in a competitive head-to-head format. Saturday will begin with short form and end with an improvised one-act play!

    Everything is unrehearsed, unscripted, and destined for comedic brilliance! Join us! And remember, while a rabbit's foot may be lucky; an improviser's foot is smelly, has a couple of odd hairs, and occasionally trips the other foot while walking. It may not be lucky, but it the person attached to it can bring you the gift of comedic gold!