Boz Skaggs: Out of The Blues Tour 2019

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    It's appropriate that Boz Scaggs' new album is Out of the Blues, since the blues is what first sparked his 5-decade musical career. Born William Royce Scaggs in Canton, Ohio in June of 1944, he grew up in Oklahoma & Texas, where he spent his teenage years immersed in the blues, R&B & early rock 'n' roll. While attending school in Dallas, he played in local combos. After several years as a journeyman musician around Madison, WI & Austin, TX, Scaggs spent time traveling in Europe, the Middle East & Asia, eventually settling in Stockholm where he recorded the album Boz.

    Returning to the U.S. in 1967, Scaggs joined the Steve Miller Band in San Francisco, before launching his solo career with 1968's seminal Boz Scaggs LP. Scaggs continued to mine a personalized mix of rock, blues & R&B influences, along with a signature style of ballads on such influential '70s albums as Moments, Boz Scaggs & Band, My Time, Slow Dancer & 1976’s Silk Degrees. The latter release became a massive commercial breakthrough, reaching #2 & remaining on the album charts for 115 weeks.  It spawned three Top 40 hit singles: "It's Over," "Lido Shuffle" & the Grammy-winning "Lowdown." 

    Despite his '70s successes, Scaggs spent much of the 1980s out of the music-biz spotlight, traveling, opening a family business, fathering young children & founding the San Francisco nightclub, Slim's, He returned to the studio after an 8-year hiatus & released, Other Roads, Some Change, Dig, the Grammy-nominated Come on Home, the unplugged Fade Into Light, the in-concert retrospective Greatest Hits Live as well as a stint touring with Donald Fagen’s New York Rock & Soul Review; all while continuing to maintain a loyal audience in the U.S. & overseas. 

    "Music has been a constant companion and I'm feeling more free with it than ever," Scaggs comments. "I feel like I've found my voice through all these years, and I've gotten closer to where I want to be with my approach."