AViD presents Lea Berman and Jeremy Bernard

  • Overview

    Lea Berman and Jeremy Bernard both worked in the White House as social secretaries. Berman worked for President George W. Bush, while Bernard worked for President Barack Obama. As the head of the White House Social Office, the Social Secretary is responsible for all planning, coordination, and execution of official White House events, from simple afternoon tea events to state dinners with hundreds of guests. Bernard was the first male and gay Social Secretary in history.

    The two came together to write Treating People Well in order to discuss civility in the modern world. Throughout the book, they discuss ways to get along more easily with others and work together better with your boss and coworkers. The New York Times Book Review says “Through tales of political politesse both harrowing and howlingly funny, Berman and Bernard… tell us all we need to know about etiquette — which translates very often into putting others first. Graciousness opens doors both professional and personal. And its converse? Take a peek inside our White House now.”