5th Annual Iowa Workforce Health Symposium - Rejuvenate Your Health

  • Overview

    The American Heart Association’s Workforce Health Symposium is an innovative opportunity for companies to come together and learn from industry experts about creating a culture of health and wellness for their employees. Those in attendance are a cross section of representatives, ranging from HR and benefits managers to company health and wellness leaders.
    This year’s topic is to focus on “REJUVENATE YOUR HEALTH” and motivating people to live a heart healthy lifestyle, especially during this current environment. The event message for our audience will touch on motivation and guidance to live a healthier life, clinical support for physical and mental well-being, and local wellness resources to live a healthier lifestyle.
    In addition, this event is filled with a great line-up of speakers from the health and wellness industry, a chance to network with other wellness professionals, and an opportunity to learn about valuable resources that can enhance your wellness initiatives.