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2020 Borlaug Dialogue - Virtual

  • Overview

    Breaking New Ground  - Building Resilience Today for Improved Global Food Systems Tomorrow

    The 2020 International Borlaug Dialogue (October 12-16), will be offered in a week of half-day sessions in a virtual setting. Through a series of live and on-demand components, registrants will hear from leaders and champions, take deep dives into key interdisciplinary topics, and interact with new and familiar partners and colleagues.

    Each day, we will offer three types of live sessions - a panel discussion, a roundtable session and a workshop. Participants will connect through a discussion board feature. This year, the students of the Global Youth Institute will participate directly in presentations and discussions on the key topics: Climate Change, Equity & Access, Nutrition, and Finance & Investment in the context of resilience. 

    Main Stage Panel/Keynotes - Key Messages from Headline Speakers

    • High-level panels and keynotes will address tough questions and elevate innovative solutions. 
    • Sessions will be publicly available for anyone to stream, as in past years. 
    • Registered participants will have the unique opportunity to interact with speakers through Q&A sessions. 

    Roundtable Discussions - Diverse Stakeholders Take Deeper Dives

    • Comprehensive discussions by a designated group of 10-15 experts and students (of the Global Youth Institute) on one of the 4 major topics.
    • Registered participants can watch the discussion live and interact through Q&A sessions. 
    • Opportunity for reflection and interaction with other participants. 

    Workshop - Intensive Exploration of Key Tools and Solutions

    • Small group, interactive workshops will provide the opportunity for registered participants to collaboratively define key issues, explore problems, and generate potential solutions.  
    • Opportunity to better understand and engage with policy and consider the policy and scientific tools to enhance the process of translating science into action. 

    Virtual Tours - Visit Agriculture and Technology Sites

    • Registered Dialogue participants may take part in virtual tours of innovative farms and agricultural processing facilities in the Iowa area.

    Discussion Board - Connect with Colleagues 

    • Interact with participants through an online discussion portal to share resources and facilitate networking and collaboration. 

    Side Events - Interact and Network

    • A prominent feature, side events provide a space for organizations and initiatives to demonstrate work, promote further dialogue and engage attendees. 

    The International Borlaug Dialogue and UN Committee on World Food Security are working to schedule this year’s events to enable participation in both conferences to the greatest extent possible.