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Catch Des Moines statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Resources 

Updated: 6/19/2020 at 11:00 a.m. CST 

Greater Des Moines is open: businesses throughout Greater Des Moines are reopening and implementing new sanitation practices and safety policies to ensure you or your guests have a great experience.  

Catch Des Moines shares the global concerns over the Coronavirus impact experienced by many in the travel and tourism industry, and our focus is – and always will be – the well-being of visitors and residents of Greater Des Moines.  We're ready to welcome you back to Greater Des Moines whenever you are ready to visit. 

On June 12, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds eased restrictions and ended capacity limits on businesses In Iowa. Restaurants, bars and theaters are still be required to maintain six feet of distance between customer groups. All businesses must continue to adhere to reasonable social distancing, increased hygiene practices and other public health measures. 

We remain in close contact with groups visiting Greater Des Moines in the coming weeks and months and will keep our stakeholders informed of changes to travel recommendations. If we may be of any assistance to you regarding your travel or events in Greater Des Moines, please reach out to us.  

Information and resources: