In the current situation, it's understandable that exercise can be put on the back burner as you work to get a grasp on a new routine with little ones out of school, working from home, and having to figure out where the singular source of toilet paper might be in the metro. But even though you're stuck at home, that doesn't mean you can't still have enjoyable, energizing workouts that give you the oomph you need to tackle the day. 

But where do you find those enjoyable, energizing workouts? That's where we come in. We're here to bring you some of the best options around town—and giving you some ways to #supportlocal while you're at it. 

Why not try something new?

We know walking into a new gym or studio for the first time can be intimidating. But in the comfort of your own home, you're able to get the hang of new movements while working at your own pace. And then, when quarantine wraps up, you'll be ready to try the class in person! Right now, there are a lot of gyms and studios posting workouts to their social media channels, hosting virtual live sweats, or offering newsletter signups to get workouts sent to your inbox. Here are some options that are currently out there: 

  • Live classes: D1 Training, New U Yoga, F45 Training, The Sandlot, and Movement Yoga are just a few of the studios offering at-home workouts via video conference. You can exercise with a "class" and coach in real-time, it's a fun way to be around others and have a bit of added motivation! 
  • YouTube archives: Not into the live class format? Many gyms and studios have YouTube channels with archived classes you can do on your own time—check out Ignite Yoga, PowerLife Yoga, and Capitol Row, among others, to see what kinds of workouts you can get on your calendar for the week!
  • Posted workouts: along the same lines as YouTube, but without the video component, the posted workouts are often uploaded directly to the gym's social media feed and outline the number of reps and timing. @see1send1_athomeworkouts has some killer activities to check out, as well as most of the CrossFit gyms! And if you aren't sure what a particular exercise is, Google search is your new BFF.

Ways to Give Back

So voila! There are a handful of ways to get moving while you're cooped up during quarantine. In addition to those resources, one important thing we want to share is that a majority of gyms and studios know how important it is to keep our community in good mental + physical health during these times, which is why most of these activities are offered for free. But, without the brick-and-mortar locations to bring in new or current members, these studios' monthly incomes have significantly been affected. So if you have the means, monetary or not, you can always consider giving back. Here are a few ways to do that: 

  • Share the business on social media. Tag the studio/gym, tag friends to try the workout, etc. The more people who see what they're up to, the better! 
  • Purchase gear to show your support. Who doesn't need extra sweatshirts and athleisure clothing at a time like this?
  • Ask to Venmo the owner/coach for allowing you to virtually drop into the class.
  • Offer payment for a personalized, weekly workout regimen. 

Blog contributed by Kati and Natalie from The Drop. The Drop is a Des Moines-based wellness app focused on syncing the community with gyms, studios, and health + wellness offerings. Check out @jointhedrop on Instagram or to learn more. 

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