The art scene in Greater Des Moines is flourishing with free access to the Sculpture Park, galleries and public murals. We have countless opportunities to view the work of so many talented artists, but have you ever wished you could take some of this art home with you? Well you’re in luck because the free art movement has reached Greater Des Moines. With an array of amazingly talented local artists and individuals in the area this is your chance to get your hands on their work and take it home with you, for FREE, every Friday!

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While this movement is no new concept, locals Sarah Fisch and Trenton Chesling have made the push to bring it to Greater Des Moines! The goal of the Free Art Friday movement is to make art accessible. “Instead of putting work in a gallery space or behind glass, FAF makes art accessible to everyone” says Fisch. You don’t have to be an artist to take part, anyone is welcome to participate in the weekly drop and collection. While there is an Instagram page where they will continue to spread the word, they hope to have the movement sustain itself with the reach of the hashtag #fafdsm

“By gifting free art in public places, we are giving Des Moines resident's access to an experience once exclusive to curators and fine artists, and at the same time we are celebrating our love for this amazing city by showcasing its many landmarks and unique nooks and crannies through art drop locations.”



Want to participate? Here is what you need to know about Free Art Friday

If you are dropping art:

  • Follow @fafdsm on Instagram, and tag them when you share the post about your drop.
  • Use the hashtag #fafdsm to share visual clues of where hunters can find your art. You can be sneaky or obvious with your photo hints.
  • Attached a piece of paper that encourages those who find your art to share what they found with the hashtag #fafdsm.

If you are hunting art:

  • Follow @fafdsm for weekly updates on where to find some of the free art, and if drops have been claimed.
  • Search the hashtag #fafdsm for visual clues of where local artists have dropped art.
  • If you find a piece, share that you found it with the hashtag #fafdsm so that others know it was found.


We are excited to join the movement and we encourage you to as well. You may just find a Catch Des Moines print by local artist Laura Palmer floating around. Share your experience with us by using the hashtag #CATCHdsm and #fafdsm.


Click to find public art in Des Moines >>